Geopolitical/Community Mapping and Analysis

Geopolitical and Community Mapping

Geopolitical and community mapping involves the preparation of reference maps to show the geospatial distribution of specific features in a selected area including:

  • Location and footprint of government facilities, first responders, hospitals and emergency facilities, schools, churches, parks, etc.
  • Location and area covered by school districts; city wards; police, fire, and ems protection areas; voting districts; townships; etc.
  • Geospatial relationship between districts and facilities such as schools in school districts; police stations in precincts; firehouses in fire districts; polling places in polling districts; and government buildings and schools in townships.
Geopolitical and community mapping also involves the preparation of thematic maps to show the distribution of demographic and economic variables such as:

  • Population and population change, single and multiple dwelling housing units, and household income by census block.
  • School age population by school district.
  • Registered voters and political affiliation by voting district.
  • Ethnic and racial distribution by census block.
By combining multiple variables and geographic features in a single thematic map, geopolitical and community mapping can be used to analyze and display relationships important to a community and government. Examples of the type of relationships that can be examined include the geographic distribution of:

  • Neighborhood stabilization projects compared to foreclosure rates.
  • Foreclosures or foreclosure rates compared to household income.
  • Crime rate compared to population density.
  • Resource levels such as police officers compared to crime rate.
  • Schools compared to school aged population.
  • Registered voters compared to population demographics such as age and ethnicity.
Using the relationships in these types of comparisons, the data can be combined with parcel and zip code data through geocoding to design mailing and information campaigns such as:

  • Voter registration campaigns for targeted areas and demographics.
  • School information campaigns for targeted areas.
  • Funding campaigns for schools or other public services.

My Experience

I have training and experience in all of the skill areas necessary for providing these types of services including building relational databases, creating reference maps from ortho-imagery and photographs, preparing thematic maps representing single and multiple variables and using geocoding for targeted mail and information campaigns. Examples of geopolitical and community mapping projects I have done include:

  • Prepared reference maps for Marion County, Ohio of first responder locations relative to fire districts and townships in Marion County, Ohio. (Pictured Below)
  • Created reference map showing the location of first responders and emergency shelters in Bellefonte Borough, PA. (Pictured Below)
  • For a HUD Community Block Grant Program for Marion County, Ohio, created combined thematic and reference maps showing: (1) foreclosure rates, location of foreclosed parcels, and location of grant spending and (2) the relationship between household income, distribution, and foreclosures and foreclosure rates. (Pictured Below)
  • Prepared reference maps of first responders and emergency shelters and services relative to historical tornado paths in Alabama. (Pictured Below)
  • Created Marion City Ward Map to be used on city website. (Pictured Below)
  • Assisted the grant coordinator in the selection of areas within the City of Marion for future federal and state grants and helped create a 5 to 10 year plan for allocating grant funding.
  • Created a thematic map showing the robbery rate by police district in City of Philadelphia, PA.
  • Created a thematic map comparing voter registration by party and the demographic makeup by voting district to identify areas for voter registration campaigns.
  • Created a database and PowerPoint on subsidized housing in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in Marion County, Ohio.