Transportation Mapping and Analysis

Transportation Mapping

Transportation mapping and analysis ranges from the basic preparation of reference maps showing the location and hierarchy of roads, rail lines, airports, and pipelines to complex maps combining reference and thematic maps that illustrate such parameters as traffic patterns, time dependent volume and system capacity, and network optimization including the location of distribution centers and route optimization. Services AJD Geospatial Concepts provide include:

  • Preparing reference maps of road networks showing the location of roads and associated stoplights, signs, crosswalks, and turning lanes along with limited access routes and their entrances and exits.
  • Preparing reference maps of transit networks showing the location of routes, stations and stops, and ingress and egress of pedestrians.
  • Preparing combined thematic maps analyzing the source, destination, volume, and route pattern of commuter traffic from survey data.
  • Preparing combined thematic maps analyzing the source, destination, and volume of customers for transit/bus routes.
  • Creating a distribution network and channel.
  • Preparing thematic maps analyzing accident rates, traffic patterns, and time-dependent system capacity and volume.
  • Using hydrology, terrain, and elevation data to analyze and map road right-of-ways and easements.

My Experience

My experience includes:

  • Performing a project for the City of Marion, Ohio as part of an ODOT grant where I prepared combined thematic and reference maps for community bus service optimization showing the most frequently requested destinations and collection and drop-off points. (Pictured Below)
  • Performing a number of distribution network optimization studies while obtaining my BS degree at The Ohio State University.