GIS Consulting Services
We listen and respond to produce expert GIS solutions tailored to your specific parameters.
Community Analysis and Mapping

Understanding the geographic distribution of the social, economic, political, and demographic patterns of your community and their relationship to services such as police, fire, schools, and government offices, housing locations, and neighborhood development are GIS capabilities that allow you to more effectively serve your community. AJD Geospatial Concepts is ready to help you with these GIS needs.

Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utility Mapping and Analysis

AJD geospatial Concepts is ready to help your organization with your transportation and utility mapping and analysis needs including mapping and analyzing transportation infrastructure, utility networks and infrastructure, and upgrading addressing systems.

LIDAR, 3D Modeling, and Flood Inundation Analysis

Creating 3D models from LiDAR data and vertical coordinate data and using 3D mapping to perform line-of-site and building spatial analysis, digital terrain mapping, flood inundation mapping, and overhead clearance analysis are activities essential to many GIS organizations and ones AJD Geospatial Concepts is ready to help with.

Environmental Analysis and Mapping

Knowing the natural features of your environment such as soil type, geology, hydrology, forestation, species habitation, and land cover and their relationship to the geographic distribution of population, economic infrastructure, and development will aid you in making more informed planning and development decisions. These are capabilities AJD Geospatial Concepts is ready to help with.

Business Analysis and Mapping

Using GIS is smart for business allowing you to make more informed, effective, and targeted decisions. GIS analysis and mapping can help with business location; facility planning and optimization; land development; and directed marketing campaigns. AJD Geospatial Concepts is ready to help support your efforts to use these GIS capabilities.

Cadastral Data Analysis, Creation, and Management

Cadastral data documents legal boundaries of an area including parcels, tracts, easements, and property ownership essential to tax and assessment mapping. Cadastral Data is essential to analyzing proposed land development, infrastructure construction, and any GIS project requiring knowledge of land division and property location.