Cadastral Data Analysis, Creation, and Management
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Cadastral Data Analysis, Creation, and Management

Cadastral Data Analysis is essential to every aspect of GIS (Transportation/Infrastructure/Utility/Public Safety/Natural Resources/Business and Community Mapping) and is core to most geographic decisions surrounding your organization.  Unless you work for a municipality, in real estate, or in planning and development, it is often overlooked.  Cadastral data visually represents all tax and real property records in a given area including property boundaries, land ownership and tax records, right-of-ways, easements, and community divisions and subdivisions.  AJD Geospatial Concepts is ready to help you meet your cadastral data needs including:

  • Organizing and converting existing tax books, records, imagery, and maps to digital databases.
  • Managing, linking, and updating existing datasets.
  • Analyzing land use, zoning, right-of-way, and historical and current housing trends.
  • Producing final tax and cadastral maps and interface applications for your organization and the general public to use.

AJD Geospatial Concepts has worked with cadastral data creating relational databases and map layers where cadastral data was combined with other geospatial data to complete a variety of projects.

UD DOT/ODOT Safe Routes to School

For a small city, analyzed parcels, located right-of-ways and determined where easements needed to be obtained for the placement of new sidewalks for a US DOT/ODOT Safe Routes to School Grant.

New Housing Development

For a city, determined and mapped where parcels should be subdivided and right-of-ways established for new housing developments.

Zoning Analysis Assessments

For a city, analyzed cadastral data and prepared maps for zoning analysis assessments.