Community Analysis and Mapping
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Community Analysis and Mapping

Geopolitical and Community Analysis and Mapping involves a broad range of GIS activities and is central to the GIS needs of many organizations particularly local and regional government.  The diversity of these activities requires an assortment of skills including reference and thematic mapping, integrating external data such as census data with internal databases, and performing simple to complex geospatial analyses.  Geospatial and Community Mapping activities where AJD Geospatial Concepts is ready to help include:

  • Reference mapping showing community amenities, facilities, and areas served by different social, public safety, and political districts.
  • Relationship mapping and analysis showing the location of different facilities within a district and how they relate to similar amenities within their own district as well as in neighboring ones.
  • Thematic mapping and analysis of the population and demographic composition for community decision making.

Thematic mapping analysis of different relational variables for resource allocation and decision-making better target and serve a community’s needs


AJD Geospatial Concepts has training and experience in building relational databases, creating reference maps from ortho-imagery and preparing thematic maps representing single and multiple variables.

Maps for First Responders

Prepared reference maps for Marion County, Ohio of first responder locations relative to fire districts and townships.

Created reference map showing the location of first responders and emergency shelters in Bellefonte Borough, PA. 

Prepared reference maps of first responders and emergency shelters and services relative to historical tornado paths in Alabama.

Prepared reference map of the relationship between firehouses, fire districts, and a nearest neighbor analysis for mutual aid for a rural county.

Prepared reference map of fire districts and location of fire hydrants and water drafting locations for a rural county.

Community Grants

For HUD Community Block Grant Program, created database and combined thematic and reference maps showing: (1) foreclosure rates, foreclosure locations, and NSP property location and (2) the relationship between household income distribution, foreclosure rates, and foreclosure locations.  Assisted the grant coordinator in the selection of areas within a small city in Ohio for future federal and state grants and helped create a 5 to 10-year plan.

Prepared reference and thematic maps showing the relationship between proposed housing projects, amenities and household income in Houston.