Environmental Analysis and Mapping
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Environmental Analysis and Mapping

Mapping hydrology features and analyzing water run-off patterns in relation to geographic features such as roadways and structures, determining how future land development and population growth will affect species conservancy areas, and preparing maps of species distribution, soil types, terrain and hydrology for analyzing and mapping the location of park lands and trails are all part of the range of Environmental GIS services that AJD Geospatial Concepts can provide for you.  From providing simple reference maps to carrying out complete analysis, we can help you identify and select the best lands for conservancy, development, or purchase by examining zoning, terrain, vegetation, habitats, and hydrology for your area of interest.


AJD Geospatial Concepts experience in environmental analysis and mapping include:

Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis

Performed a hydrology and floodplain analysis for selected towns on the Scioto River as part of an emergency management plan.

Species Habitat Location Analysis

Conducted a species habitat location analysis for a county in Pennsylvania using a set of selection criteria including forestry, terrain, population, and distance from roads.

Contour Mapping

Prepared a contour map, and a current state and future state map showing proposed walking trails, facilities, and parking lots for both city and county park improvement projects.

Terrain Mapping

Created a digital terrain map of a county in Ohio showing rivers, streams, and water boundaries.

Environmental Analysis for Transportation Plan

Performed and mapped the environmental analysis for a transportation plan for a Georgia city.