LIDAR, 3D Modeling, and Flood Inundation Analysis
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LIDAR, 3D Modeling, and Flood Inundation Analysis

LiDAR produces accurate georeferenced point locations on the earth’s surface with their vertical height.  Coupled with other ortho or aerial imagery products, LIDAR allows for the production of an accurate three-dimensional model or rendering of an object on the earth’s surface.  When an organization needs to produce an accurate representation of a geographic location, determine what obstacles fall in the path of a proposed utility or transportation right-of-way, determine elevation slope or surface terrain for construction, or to analyze how natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and brush fires affect a community, AJD Geospatial Concepts is an experienced partner ready to help with the generation, analysis, mapping and modeling of your 3D data.  Skills and capabilities AJD Geospatial Concepts include:

  • Converting point cloud data into elevation and digital terrain models for surface and elevation analysis.
  • Corridor and right-of-way mapping and clearance analysis.
  • Flood inundation, storm water, and floodplain analysis and mapping.
  • Building footprint, height, and line of site analysis along with 3D modeling of community development.
  • Terrain analysis for park and trail mapping.
  • Vegetation analysis for agricultural and forestry projects.
  • Bridge height and pavement condition analysis.

The training and experience that AJD Geospatial Concepts has in LiDAR and 3D mapping includes:

Flood Inundation Mapping and Analysis

Analyzed and mapped flood inundation of communities along the Fox River Valley in a county in Illinois.

Analyzed and mapped flood inundation of communities along the Scioto River in a county in Ohio.

Historical Development

Created a three-dimensional map and model of a city center’s historical development.

Water Runoff and Impervious Surface Analysis and Map

Created a digital terrain and elevation maps, analyzed imperious surface and structure slope as well as structure height for a stormwater runoff project for a small city in Ohio.