Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utility Network Mapping and Analysis
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Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utility Network Mapping and Analysis

Whether you are analyzing your transportation infrastructure and determining where to spend funding, mapping utility networks and infrastructure, or optimizing your addressing system, Transportation and Network Mapping and Analysis are crucial to any modern GIS organization.  When you need support in these areas, AJD Geospatial Concepts has the experience and skill to allow your organization to fill a gap in expertise or to off-load work to free limited resources to focus on more strategic activities.  AJD Geospatial Concepts can:

  • Develop, update, and maintain transportation, utility network, and infrastructure geodatabases.
  • Convert various datasets, drawings, and images into a usable mapping format.
  • Utilize transportation/infrastructure/utility networks and outside datasets in order to better plan and allocate resources for existing and future needs.
  • Visualize trends and data for short-term and long-range regional planning.
  • Run models to show outcomes of how current trends and improvements will affect an existing network.
  • Use aerial imagery and detection devices to locate utility networks and structures.
  • Analyze and update addressing systems including resolving issues and making needed modifications.

AJD Geospatial Concepts has had experience in a variety of areas in Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utility Network Mapping and Analysis

Runoff and Impervious Surface Analysis

Performed a runoff and impervious surface analysis for a city to determine whether there should be additional sewers to alleviate overuse on a main trunk line.

Community Transit Mapping and Analysis

Analyzed and mapped stops, ridership volume, and most frequently used destinations to optimize existing and develop future routes for a community transit organization.

Sewer and Waterline Mapping

Mapped and updated sewer and water lines and appliances for a county in order to be compliant with state EPA guidelines.

Long-Range Transportation Plan Mapping and Analysis

Analyzed and mapped various transportation datasets including crash data, public transportation services, planned road and infrastructure improvement projects, and existing roadway, freight, and trail networks for a long-range transportation plan a regional planning organization.

Safe Routes to School and Healthy Living Community Grants

Used existing trail and sidewalk data as well as curb and road data to determine how and where Healthy Living and Safe Routes to School block grant money could be spent.